What people say about the Well Being Centre…………..

What people say about the Well Being Centre…………..

Hot Yoga 2We’ve had such an AMAZING time down there this Summer – the MOST Heartfelt, Chilled, Cosy, Funny, Wholesome, Honest, Supportive, Memorable & Loving Mini Studio Space I’ve ever had the Privilege of Sharing Practice in – Thank You The Well Being Centre for being Open enough to Humour the Crazy Hot Yoga Teacher with the Heaters & Allowing Us to Breathe Very Loudly in your Field Weekly – and THANK YOU to all of YOU who took the Time to Come to the Yurt & Stretch & Laugh within Her! We’ll be Back in the Spring to Share the NEW Workshop Series ‘With Naomi & Friends’….


“Incredible energy.
Clear & still.

A healing & enriching place.

Simply lovely..”

Gabby Baker

Gabby.Moi and Professoro

Jon Ross,Gabby Baker and Nick Neter

‘The Well Being Centre is in a beautiful location in the middle of the countryside with unspoiled views. Nick and Jon have done a great job to establish it. It just waits for the community to fill it which is already starting to happen. It is a back to nature healing space to be proud of.’

Amrit Singh newAmrit Singh

Gorgeous location not too far from home , diverse services offered by lovely people . I’m happy to support them through their transformation from the start and look forward to all future events and developments.

 Marina Del-Gaudio

Evas Yoga Bliss day
April 2, 2015
Posted by Nick

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