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Eva Kristlova – Yoga Teacher

I am Eva, a qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher,  a humble student, beach yoga girl, football mum and lover of life. I teach several different classes at the Yoga Life Studio (my second home) in Eastbourne.  My classes include traditional Hatha Yoga for all abilities, Restorative Yoga which takes you on a deep journey within, Yoga for Mums and babies, Family yoga with partner yoga elements and also Aerial Yoga and Meditation.

I love spending time and teaching yoga outdoors, embracing all that our seaside town Eastbourne has to offer – sun, sea, breeze (wind), rain (we run and hide when that happens) and Earth (soft grass, pebbly beach and even sand what the tide is low). So on Wednesday morning you will definitely find me and my yogi dog Maxi on the beach in Holywell running a beach yoga class.

Yoga also takes me to the beautiful Sussex countryside, I love teaching in a magical yoga yurt at the Well Being Centre in Stone Cross. The classes there are truly special, we get to listen to the birds, horses, sheep and often meet a lady bird or a little bug on our mat too.

During the school terms you can also find me wondering around Eastbourne College, delivering much needed yoga sessions to our teenage population.

I am available for private bookings and am happy to create a bespoke yoga class that suits your needs.

Born in Czech Republic my life’s path led me to Eastbourne where I live with my family.  I manage the Yoga Life Studio and love living in this beautiful seaside town that I am happy to call home.

I believe that every body can benefit from yoga and am passionate about making yoga accessible to all, making it a part of our day to day lives.

mobile: 07780 535134  email:  website:

Jan S Latest photo

Jan Styles – Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist

Through ongoing study of energetic healing and Spiritual Psychotherapy, I have gained both an understanding and experience of how we create health and harmony (or lack of) in our lives. A medical background of eight years as a Paediatric Nurse and completion of a Diploma in Holistic Diagnostic Skills has allowed me to better assess the underlying causes of an individual’s symptoms and therefore offer a more balanced perspective on what treatments are most suitable. I also offer colour therapy and numerology which indicate where energy is strong or weak within the body. Through this analysis, a personal programme can be developed recommending yoga therapy or specific treatments to optimise energy levels and improve health.

I have practiced aromatherapy for over 30 years and now specialise in colour aromatherapy and the balancing psychological benefits of essential oils. When experiencing an holistic facial or massage, clients often achieve a state of deep relaxation and energetic balancing. This can be of great benefit in cases of muscular tension, headaches, insomnia and many other stress-related conditions. Yoga therapy can also greatly assist in relieving back and neck pain and other symptoms caused by stress. These one-to-one sessions can also help improve flexibility, confidence and core strength.

My passion as an aromatherapist and Dru yoga teacher has inspired me to create a unique treatment experience where personalised yoga sessions can be completed with some relaxing back massage. The option of colour therapy, numerology and intuitive analysis can be incorporated into an initial consultation to assess the flow of energy through the body. This analysis indicates which of the energy centres located along the spine (chakras) are in need of support and treatment. If the base chakra is out of balance the client may experience feelings of fear, insecurity and pain. In this example, the client will learn some specific yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques to balance the chakras and re-direct the flow of energy. As a result, they will ultimately feel more energised and able to respond to life with greater awareness, balance and ease.

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Maria O'Donell

 Maria O’Donnell –  Yoga Teacher

My teaching style is influenced by the classical style and spirituality of Sivananda and the precision of Iyengar, teaching from my heart with compassion and love.Since experiencing my first class I have loved Yoga, this love has continued to grow over the years and is now embedded in my life. I took my first yoga class in 1997 and found myself captivated. I decided to take my study further, took a teaching qualification and began teaching in 2006. I have continued my studies under many inspiring and highly respected teachers such as Roger Cole, Ruth White, Jo Manuel, Doug Keller and Nischala Joy Devi, along with many others.

All classes are inclusive and structured to allow beginners to work alongside more experienced students. The classes will include asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath work).

My specialities include Restorative Yoga and Yoga for those with cardiovascular issues or preventative practice for those at risk. I hold a certificate for teaching Yoga to those who have had cardiovascular difficulties include cardiac arrest or those who have heart surgery.

Yoga helped me to recover from serious illness and rebuild myself from inside out; it is part of every aspect of my life.

mobile: 07795597626  email:  website:

     nick_neterNick Neter –  Qigong and Meditation Teacher, Shiatsu and Acupressure Massage

I was born in London and educated all over the place! I have worked in the Wine Trade, in Agriculture and trained as an Organic Fruit and Vegetable Gardener. I became a Primary School  Teacher in1986,  worked  part-time for East Sussex Behaviour Support Service  as well  as an Outreach worker in local primary and secondary Schools. I also run workshops in schools on Native American ways of Living and Being.

Since  September 2009 I have  dedicated  myself  full time to Shiatsu. I have been studying and working with Shiatsu since 1993, and first became interested purely by chance, if chance is to be believed, when I had a treatment for a painful back when my regular chiropractor was on holiday. After one treatment not only was my back better but I experienced a sense of well being and abundant energy and joy for three weeks afterwards! I wanted to learn more about this amazing therapy and began with a 6 month course entitled Shiatsu and Freeing the Spirit which was positively life changing. I then enrolled at Zen School of Shiatsu in London in 1996 and completed my professional training at the Shiatsu College in Hastings in 2004. I worked at The Walk-In Backrub Clinic for 2 years and now work at the Yasuragi Shiatsu Studio and the Natural Fitness Centre in Eastbourne as well as from home. In November 2008,  I completed my Postgraduate Year with the Shiatsu College to become a Registered Member of The Shiatsu Society and am now training to be a teacher of Shiatsu. In 2011 I completed a BSc Hons at the University of Brighton in Multidisciplinary Health Studies where I carried out research into the effects of Shiatsu on back pain. The results were excellent and I hope to publish my dissertation in various journals in 2015.

Qigong has been part of my Shiatsu practice since 1995, being an integral part of our training. In 2013  I completed my Diploma of Qigong Teaching with the Shiatsu College, Hastings and run regular classes in and around Eastbourne.

I believe that Shiatsu has the ability to transform  lives, both in giving and receiving. It works holistically, and on all levels,  and enables us to touch the divinity in all of us!

Mobile: 07773061309 email:

susie_gates photo

Susie Gates – Reiki and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

I believe anything is possible,  so therefore……….anything is!  When we heal the spirit, we heal the mind & body!

The day I stumbled upon E.F.T was a day I will always remember. I went to a Therapist for anxiety and to be honest, I did not expect it to work. How could something so simple and relatively fast actually work? I had told myself it was a waste of time before I had given it a go!

I have to admit defeat, it worked and my anxiety stayed away and now we are six years down the line, I have found it a life changing experience.

I trained to be an Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner in 2005, knowing that it could be a great help to others because I had had first hand experience of it!

Mobile: 07733 463159  email:  website

Claire Nicole – Reiki

beach claire nicole profile (1)

Reiki came into my life purely by a chance meeting with an osteopath and his wife also training to be a Reiki Master. After a few Reiki sessions myself and what I can describe as an epiphany feeling, I was immediately hooked. Alongside recently discovering yoga and meditation I knew the holistic path was the one I wished to explore further.

Whilst raising my children and having completed my first children’s book I began my journey into Reiki training. Shortly after I began working at The Yoga Life Studio in 2015. Every day is a pleasure to go to work and I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. I am delighted to now be working also at The Glynleigh Well Being Centre.

In these beautiful settings I offer restoring and energising Reiki Healing to all (Adults, senior citizens, teens, children, pets). The sessions are private on a one basis to allow for total relaxation. I work with universal life force energy to boost the natural immune system and improve health and wellbeing. This involves gently placing hands on or near the body in a number of non-intrusive positions to aid healing. I believe in treating the person as a whole and reconnecting with the soul in order to improve any physical manifestations.

I also recently qualified as a BSY registered aromatherapy practitioner so now offering aromatherapy massages to compliment my holistic therapies.

I am qualified in Reiki 1, 2 and Master’s Degree, BSY Aromatherapy Diploma, Emergency First Aid at Work. Other qualifications include a GNVQ level 3 in Health & Social Care and NVQ level 2 in animal health care.


Back & shoulder massage  (30mins) £30 Full body massage (60mins) £45 Back, neck & shoulder massage incl. Reiki (60 mins) £60 Reiki only (30mins) £25 (60mins)   £30

Mobile: 07982119519 email: website:

Amy Law SmithAmy Law-Smith-Counsellor

I started my counselling journey in 2008, doing a counselling skills course which I loved – a lack of self belief and
trust in my inner knowing resulted in me taking a different path until 2013.

Instead I trained as Shiatsu Practitioner, qualifying in 2011 and set up in private practice. I took some time off at the end of 2013 and during this period of stillness I learnt that whilst I love Shiatsu, it wasn’t my true calling.

It was within this period of stillness that I was able to hear my inner voice again and I found myself committing to training as a Counsellor. From the moment I committed things fell into place, and I as aware of the power of trusting in the process and in spiritual timing.

I now work privately as a Counsellor and also volunteer at St Wilfrids Hospice in Eastbourne,offering clients support both pre and post bereavement.

I offer a space that is confidential and welcoming and always work to provide understanding, acceptance, safety and support. A place where patterns and processes can surface and unfold, allowing the path to reveal itself, at a pace that feels right for you.

I love my work and I love the people that I work with, it is a privilege to be alongside another on their journey and to witness change and the emergence of a life that is more fulfilling and authentic.

Mobile:  07971380547 : email  : website:

Tory Macdonald-Counsellor

Tory Macdonald

Following many years of working in London, I embarked on my first Counselling course in September 2004 and knew immediately that Counselling was what I wanted to do.  After completing my initial training at Orpington College in Kent, I moved to Eastbourne and continued my Counselling studies at Sussex Downs College, finishing in August 2006.  In December 2009 I became a qualified Samaritan.  I now work as a private Counsellor in Eastbourne and am also the school Counsellor at Willingdon Community School.

Often when we are in despair, the people closest to us are the ones that we find the hardest to talk to – perhaps because we don’t want to worry or burden them, or because we don’t want to appear to be weak.  We may fear that discussing our difficulties with family and friends will cause arguments and that our issues would not be heard properly, nor understood.

Talking about your problems in a safe and comfortable counselling setting — openly and without fear of being judged – is without doubt the first step to resolving them.

Listening to You follows the principles of Carl Rogers’ Person-Centred counselling.  By providing a comfortable, non-judgemental environment and by demonstrating congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard, the person seeking help will be guided towards finding their own solutions to their problems.

Mobile:  07976 399 998 email  :  website: http:

Nancy Procter- Teacher of Pilates

I came to Pilates following an injury and quickly learnt that it was a great way to exercise in a calm and safe manner to build back core strength and overall posture.  I felt so passionate about the help that this exercise gave to me and others that I trained to become a teacher. I have since worked with every manner of person, including sports men and women, the more mature, the disabled and the very young. One of the things I love about Pilates is that it is for people of all ages and levels of ability and fitness.

The key to success in Pilates, I believe, is working in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, while also enjoying the fun that exercise produces through the release of endorphins. We work on the mat and rely on our own body weight to provide the resistance for our muscles to work against. We will sometimes use small pieces of equipment in the class such as soft balls, resistance bands and rings. In this way, we achieve a toned and aligned body. I teach mixed-ability classes, within which I guide each person individually to attain their personal best.

I specialise in orthopaedic Pilates and strengthening the pelvic floor.  My other qualifications are in Garuda, Pilates fusion (barre/yoga/Pilates) and I am also a ASA  swimming instructor.

Call Nancy on 07881 941 360 or email for more details.

Yuka Simmons – Holistic Bodyworker, Yasuragi Massage, Reiki, Hot Stones, Deep Tissue Massage,Aromatherapy and Reflexology

I began my massage therapy career in 2008 after gaining a Swedish body massage diploma. In addition she graduated at the top of the class in 2010 from the Complementary Therapy course at Sussex Downs College, including Remedial Massage (Neuromuscular Technique, Soft Tissue Release, Trigger point), Reflexology and Aromatherapy .  I won the gold medal at World Skills UK in Advanced Reflexology and I gained the Hot Stone Massage certificate in 2010. I continuing education plans include the completion of the highest advance level of No Hand Massage training, which I officially began to practice in June 2013.

I combine different massage techniques with Hot Stone Therapy to maximize benefits to my clients in any treatment.

I started working at St Wilfrids Hospice Eastbourne as a volunteer complementary therapist in 2012.  I enjoy supporting their patients with a loving touch.

I believe in the body’s ability to heal itself and that massage therapy is one of the many paths to restoring health and wholeness to the body.

To book your appointment please contact:
Yuka Simmons

Mobile : 07780 571190

Hannah Johnson – Mindful Movement Physiotherapist

I am a chartered physiotherapist who qualified in London in 2012, since then I have gained extensive experience in movement analysis and rehabilitation. My time has been spent working both as a senior physiotherapist for the NHS where my focus is
around orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation and part time in the private sector where i work closely with a wide variety of musculoskeletal pain, conditions and changes in function.
My goal is to identify the cause of your pain as well as providing treatment to help reduce it. This tends to include a thorough assessment, detailed movement analysis and an holistic approach to treatment. Successful treatment helps you develop new knowledge and understanding of your pain as well as providing you with the skills and support to improve strength, control and flexibility. The aim is to enable you to restore efficient
pain free movement that is meaningful to you.
Being a physiotherapist who practises yoga, mindfulness and meditation I have a thorough understanding of the interconnection between our mind and body. My approach to physiotherapy is very much holistic, considering all aspects of you, as a whole person. I am very particular about the places in which I offer physiotherapy, for me the environment in which you work towards healing and recovery is important.
Some of my treatments may include the prescription of mindful movement, client specific exercise, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilisation, advice and education all with the aim of assisting recovery, healing and optimal function.

I love what I do, physiotherapy is a passion for me. I feel privileged to be part of so many peoples journeys to recovery and improved quality of life.

Member of The Health and Care Professions Council : PH100296          Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy: 091408

Web:    Email:

Tel: 07549528429

Instagram: mindful movement_physiotherpay

Bookings can be made online via my website or through direct email/telephone contact

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