Plant a tree at Glynleigh Well Being Centre for the nourishment of the planet CANCELLED until further notice

Plant a tree at Glynleigh Well Being Centre for the nourishment of the planet CANCELLED until further notice

These are new dates due to weather conditions and the sodden earth…..Apologies for another postponement….

Many of us are looking for ways to make a contribution to support the Earth as it struggles to come to terms with the effects of the Global Warming. This late Winter/early Spring , we would like to offer you the opportunity to plant a tree at Glynleigh Farm – the home of the Well Being Centre.

Trees are so important to our world and too many are being cut down. Trees are vital for:
Using and storing carbon dioxide, and producing oxygen for us to breathe
Providing a unique home for insects, invertebrates, fungi, lichens and animals
Making the countryside and towns look beautiful
Helping to prevent soil erosion and flooding
Providing a renewable material for making things, heating, paper etc.
Providing shelter for animals and plants
Jon and Becky, the owners of Glynleigh Farm, feel very lucky to own a small piece of countryside and have decided to set aside part of a field to plant some trees.

Would you like to join us in planting some more trees?

We have some home grown trees that can be transplanted or perhaps you would like to buy a tree to plant? The tree must be UK grown to protect our existing trees from diseases that might come from overseas. The following trees do well in our type of soils:
• Alder
• Downy Birch
• Willow
• Oak
• Hawthorn
• Silver Birch
• Hornbeam
• Field Maple
• (We haven’t included Ash because very sadly, all our Ash trees are infected with Ash Dieback Disease)

To complete the task we need:
• Trees (young ones 2-5 years old)
• Non-plastic tree guards (to protect from rabbits)
• Wooden stakes and rubber tree ties
• Holes dug!
We shall be supplying some wooden stakes, tree ties and non-plastic tree ties but please feel free to bring your own.

We have set aside 3 further half days due to the waterlogged conditions for the planting now to take place. These are Sunday,22nd March, Saturday,28th and Sunday,29th March from 2 to 5pm on all days.

If you would like to get involved, donate a tree or tree support, dig a hole, please get in touch with Jon on 07784772152

July 31, 2013
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