Beginners Tai Chi with Brian

Beginners Tai Chi with Brian

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This event finished on 19 December 2023

Beginner’s Tai Chi with Brian

6 Week On-going Beginners Classes £60. This class is on-going throughout the year for regular students.

The class is for anyone who wants to improve their general health, to move easier, breath better, feel more relaxed, and to enjoy living in a comfortable body.

The focus is on self healing through mindful movement exercises, by releasing the muscles, opening the body, freeing up the joint movement, increasing blood circulation, quietening the monkey mind and creating positive energy flow in the body. It does however require a quiet commitment to attend, and do the movements, but always keeping within your own comfort level and never straining.

These are powerful self-healing movements which help you increase your energy (chi) for health and energetic fitness, retraining and rejuvenating your nervous system. In this beginner’s class I set out and develop step by step the health and energy aspects of the various moves, building them into the Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form.

   “Brian has a very thorough yet gentle method of teaching ensuring that the basics are right to give a strong foundation to the movements.” Clare F.

       “I like Brian’s detailed methodical approach, he really goes right into the heart of the movements to a depth that awakens areas you hardly knew existed. This serious undertaking of the work is coupled with a light-hearted attitude which makes everyone feel valued regardless of their aptitude. There is no competitiveness or one-upmanship. Long may he continue.” Toby M.

      “Brian is very patient, non-judgemental as well as using humour to good effect. We have hugely benefited from his classes.” Will F. 

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You always work at your own level, the lessons only move at the pace of the people in the class. The success is in the system, just become quietly committed, turn up and practice – that’s it.

I have been studying the eastern energy arts and philosophies for the past 25 years, practicing and learning in Europe, India and the far east, working with both somatic bodywork and qigong systems.

With my son, David, I have developed a practical system of movements that rebalances people’s bodies, builds strength, releases tensions, and creates more flexibility. It uses some of the movements handed down by various teachers who have a grounding in qigong, further shaped and developed by my training in somatic bodywork, the movements of Phillip Beach and refined by my experience in working with students in my weekly classes over the past 20 years.

August 19, 2021
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