Counselling with Tory Macdonald

Counselling with Tory Macdonald

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This event is running from 14 January 2019 until 16 December 2020. It is next occurring on November 2, 2020 9:00 am

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Tory Macdonald-Counsellor

Tory Macdonald

Following many years of working in London, I embarked on my first Counselling course in September 2004 and knew immediately that Counselling was what I wanted to do.  After completing my initial training at Orpington College in Kent, I moved to Eastbourne and continued my Counselling studies at Sussex Downs College, finishing in August 2006.  In December 2009 I became a qualified Samaritan.  I now work as a private Counsellor in Eastbourne and am also the school Counsellor at Willingdon Community School.

Often when we are in despair, the people closest to us are the ones that we find the hardest to talk to – perhaps because we don’t want to worry or burden them, or because we don’t want to appear to be weak.  We may fear that discussing our difficulties with family and friends will cause arguments and that our issues would not be heard properly, nor understood.LTY Artwork for poster Tory NEW

Talking about your problems in a safe and comfortable counselling setting — openly and without fear of being judged – is without doubt the first step to resolving them.

Listening to You follows the principles of Carl Rogers’ Person-Centred counselling.  By providing a comfortable, non-judgemental environment and by demonstrating congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard, the person seeking help will be guided towards finding their own solutions to their problems.

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August 24, 2016
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