The Shiatsu Clinic (T),donation based

The Shiatsu Clinic (T),donation based

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This event finished on 16 December 2023


with Nick Neter, Tina Doherty, Paulette Dale Roberts, Louise Neter and Stephanie Ball

(The running of this clinic depends on the covid protocols at the time.)

TIME: 10am – 2.00pm 

Shiatsu is a holistic Japanese bodywork therapy that has its roots in traditional oriental medicine, Amna massage and acupressure. Shiatsu uses the power of touch and pressure, as well as a variety of stretches and rotations to encourage the balanced free flow of energy, called Ki in Japanese, through out the body. Deeply relaxing and revitalising, Shiatsu can benefit a wide range of conditions. Shiatsu is received fully clothed.

Cost: Up to one hour  treatment for a donation (suggested from £15 for half an hour, £25 for an hour ) however it is intended that the Shiatsu is always affordable so  please pay what you can afford.

NN working on Back

The Shiatsu  Clinics are becoming more and more popular with a mixture of regular clients who love to receive Shiatsu but cannot afford regular prices and new clients who would like to experience Shiatsu at a cost of their choosing!

These clinics provide a wonderful opportunity to have a deeply relaxing, revitalizing  and healing Shiatsu treatment from a fully qualified Shiatsu Practitioner for a  small donation (suggested from£15 for half an hour). Truly excellent  value. There are  appointments  available for booking  or just take a chance and drop in and we shall endeavour to see you as soon as possible.To book text or phone 07773061309. We look forward to working with you.

‘Shiatsu can improve specific conditions, reduce pain, increase mobility as well as promote a feeling of calmness and general wellbeing’

Professor Andrew Long,European Shiatsu Federation research at University of Leeds

All treatments must be prebooked at this time. On arrival the Shiatsu practitioner will meet you outside the yurt and take you to his/her treatment area in the Big Yurt. At this time we ask that mask be worn in the Big Yurt and during the treatment unless it is agreed otherwise. The Shiatsu Practitioner will be wearing both a shield and a mask unless protocols have changed.

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