With Gratitude, Love and Some Sadness it’s time to say goodbye to the Well Being Centre…..

With Gratitude, Love and Some Sadness it’s time to say goodbye to the Well Being Centre…..

Little did we know in 2012 when I asked Jon if he might have a place for my small yurt on his and Becky’s farm to practise Shiatsu throughout  the year that 3 years later we would have created the Well Being Centre……We still ask ourselves how this came to pass.. .! We were so  lucky to have such goodwill and support from friends, clients and family who gave freely of their time, energy and expertise to create this beautiful space that so many people have enjoyed and benefited from over the past 8 and a half years….We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and you all know who you are..!

Sadly, for a number of reasons, we have decided to close the Centre from 31st August 2023….. 

As the popularity of the centre has grown, we have grown older and possibly and hopefully wiser, our families have grown and we find ourselves with less and less time to enjoy many of those things that bring even more magic, more love and peace into our lives. We have met and worked with so many amazing people over the years and we shall miss you all, knowing that together we have created a community with a beautiful vibe that is a manifestation of the space, the place and the energy we have all bought to it….In this spirit we honour the land, without which this would never have been possible, Becky and Jon for enabling our creation and  each other for all our contributions, our skills, and the effort and commitment to create and grow our Well Being Centre.

In a way it belongs to all of us and shall always live on in our hearts.

The exciting and beautiful thing is that though our centre is closing in its present form it is spawning another place nearby and in the not-too-distant future. Nicole Allen, one of our Yoga Teachers has bought the Big Yurt, will have it recovered and is hoping to open near Wilmington in March 2024. (https://www.breathewitheaseyoga.co.uk) Watch this space…..  Nicole welcomes new teachers and therapists but are also hoping that existing teachers and therapists from the Well Being Centre will be happy to continue working at her new place.

So we say goodbye to Glynleigh Farm and the Well Being Centre ….All of us are intending to continue our work elsewhere, and hopefully in 2024 find new homes for our classes, workshops, retreat days and therapies. For the time being updates from all our teachers and therapists will appear on the Well Being Centre website www.glynleighwellbeingcentre.com and our Facebook page as well as www.eastbourneshiatsu.co.uk 

It is a great joy to witness the evolution of what was begun here at the Well Being Centre and we look forward to sharing space, time, spirit, and healing with you somewhere, sometime soon…


Nick. Jon, Becky and Louise





April 2, 2015
Posted by Nick

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