CLASSES into the Autumn

CLASSES into the Autumn

NEW RESTORATIVE HATHA YOGA CLASS with Hayley Manger starting on Wednesday, 18th September at 9.30am


This weekly yoga class will help you to start your day in the best possible way and in the most beautiful surroundings too. Join Hayley at The Well Being Centre, Stone Cross for a gentle yoga practice, giving you opportunity to challenge yourself, whilst relaxing and recharging.

You will explore physical postures, as well as breathing and meditation/relaxation techniques to help cope with the stresses and strains of modern life. Expect a warm and welcoming environment, supportive atmosphere and lots of fun along the way.
Sessions are suitable for beginners or those looking for a more restorative class.
Drop-in sessions are £8.50 or book a block of 6 sessions for £42. (Term-time only).
Please contactHayley Manger  for more information and to reserve your space.
T:07833 438572


Pilates on Mondays with Nancy Procter at 6.30 and 7.30pm
Qigong and Meditation on Tuesdays with Nick Neter at 7.00pm
Pilates with Nancy Procter on Wednesdays at 2pm
Yin and Yang Flow on Wednesdays, with Mel at 6.15pm
Yoga with Eva on Thursdays at 10am

PILATES with Nancy Procter  on Mondays 6.30-7.30pm, 7.30-8.30pm and Wednesdays, 2-3pm

Cost ££10 Drop in, £9 advanced booking

Pilates is based on the teaching of Joseph Pilates, who built up a body of exercises during World War I that has been adapted over the years to form modern-day Pilates.  Emphasising the connection between physical and mental health, the Principles of Pilates are: Concentration, Control, Core Stability, Breathing, Precision, Stamina, Flow and Relaxation.  Each exercise guides you to gradually develop your body awareness, increase your strength, muscle tone and flexibility, and improve your posture, joint mobility and co-ordination.

I came to Pilates following an injury and quickly learnt that it was a great way to exercise in a calm and safe manner to build back core strength and overall posture.  I felt so passionate about the help that this exercise gave to me and others that I trained to become a teacher. I have since worked with every manner of person, including sports men and women, the more mature, the disabled and the very young. One of the things I love about Pilates is that it is for people of all ages and levels of ability and fitness.

The key to success in Pilates, I believe, is working in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, while also enjoying the fun that exercise produces through the release of endorphins. We work on the mat and rely on our own body weight to provide the resistance for our muscles to work against. We will sometimes use small pieces of equipment in the class such as soft balls, resistance bands and rings. In this way, we achieve a toned and aligned body. I teach mixed-ability classes, within which I guide each person individually to attain their personal best.

I specialise in orthopaedic Pilates and strengthening the pelvic floor.  My other qualifications are in Garuda, Pilates fusion (barre/yoga/Pilates) and I am also a ASA  swimming instructor.

Call Nancy on 07881 941 360 or email for more details.

Qigong and Meditation every Tuesday with Nick Neter at 7pm

qigong_group needles in the sea

With roots in Chinese medicine, martial arts, and philosophy, Qigong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance Qi .Qigong literally means cultivating energy. Qigong practice involves rhythmic breathing coordinated with slow stylized repetition of fluid movements with a calm mindful state. Qigong is practiced daily throughout China and increasingly worldwide.

Zen meditation

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and can be done by people of all faith traditions. With the practice of meditation the mind settles and a sense of ease, tranquillity and joy arise. This can lead to insight and wisdom. Class is one and a quarter hrs long  and feel free to stay afterwards   for tea and biscuits..!
Open to all ages and abilities. Cost £8.50 0r £30 for 4 sessions
For further information please contact Nick Neter MRSS Dip QT B’SC Hons
mobile: 07773061309

Yin and Yang Flow on Wednesday, with Mel at 6.15pm in the Big Yurt…

Journey through the 5 elements and meridians of the body through this balanced mid week yoga practice .  Every month a different Element. 
Did you know  ‘ The practice of Yin Yoga trains us to form the habit of slowing down, paying attention and listening.  Listening to our body, to our mind, to the soothing sound of the breath. Yin goes hand in hand with the practice of mindfulness and helps to fine-tune the various skills that bring us back to the here and now. ‘
Melanie has been based in London for the last 18 years working in the wellness profession and teaching since 2014 after qualifying as a yin and vinyasa flow yoga Instructor .  Now she returns home bringing her knowledge, skills ,creative sequences and energy to Sussex … 
“Walk on clouds, ignite your inner fire”
Every Wednesday, 18.00-19.00   in the Big Yurt
Investment  – £8.00 per class (drop in)

NHS workers and fellow yoga instructors £6.00 per class (with proof)

You can also buy packs of 6 for £43  ( to be used with in 2 months of purchase at any time)

Yoga with Eva 10-11am every Thursday

Beat the blues by totally chilling out in our beautiful big yurt , enjoying few gentle stretches followed by a deep relaxation. Using bolsters, cushions and blankets, this supportive class offers gentle flowing postures, meditations and Yoga Nidras for physical and mental restoration. A class suitable for all levels and all bodies with no previous experience required. Bring a weekly siesta to your life, you deserve it! Stop and just be, no rushing, no doing, be YOU.

Cost:£7 per class or £30 for block of 6.

For further information please contact Eva Kristlova
mobile: 07780 535134 email: website:

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