With Love and Gratitude

With Love and Gratitude

As we reflect on the passing year it is with a joyful heart…. we feel grateful and blessed for all that has happened at the Well Being Centre this year….Thank you to all the wonderful teachers and therapists who have inspired rest and restoration,ease and release, new understanding and insights, deep healing, great joy and much laughter through their classes,workshops and treatments…And to you all, the wonderful, beautiful and lovely people who have come to the Yurts to relax, revitalise and heal during this year…Thank you

Together we continue to create something really beautiful,a place where we are all able to nourish our bodies, minds and spirits, to create good health and well-being in our own lives while bringing joy,understanding and new hope into the lives of those we love and those who live around us……

We very much look forward to seeing and working with you next year.We wish you all nourishment, love, good health, abundance and joy in 2020.
Jon, Nick, Becky and Louise

July 31, 2013
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